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How to Unblock a Website

If you work on a computer then you know how tempting it is to surf the Internet, update your Facebook or play games online when you are supposed to be working. That is why many schools and businesses have started to block websites that are not deemed necessary for work or school. It is believed that by blocking these websites employees and students will work harder and longer.

If you have run into a blocked website on your school or business network, there is a way you can remove the block on it and visit it throughout the day. Here’s a look at how to remove that block.

Find an Unblocking Website

There are websites that can remove the administration’s block on a website. Websites like thunderunblock and rocketunblock can both help you unblock the website you wish to visit.

Enter Website Information

Once you have pulled up the unblocking website you will need to enter the website you wish to unblock’s information. Place the URL in the unblocking website and select “unblock me”. This will remove the administration’s block on the website.

Think Before You Unblock

Unblocking a website is not illegal but you should think about what might happen should you unblock the website. Many companies and schools track your Internet usage and will know that you used an unblocking website. Use of an unblocking website could result in expulsion or termination of your job.

Using these steps will help you overcome those pesky administration blocks schools and businesses place on their computer.