How To Get Music From Studio to Studio With Internet Techonology

In today’s highly technological world, great music albums are made outside of a single studio. It’s not unusual for the lead guitar player to be in New York while the singer is in Seattle. Once upon a time, the only way to get all of those great musicians on the same record was to have them in the same studio. Today, getting music from studio to studio is possible via internet technology.

The .mp3 format is probably the most widely known file codec for distributing music, but it’s not the best way to transfer music in the recording process. Studio engineers need the highest possible bit rate and sound quality they can achieve. .WAV is fairly common, but the file tends to be huge. With websites like YouSendIt, many people are able to send those huge files. However, the best of the best will tell you that FLAC is the best codec for transferring music via the Internet. This is free lossless audio codec.

One of the big audiophile complaints with the emergence of digital music was that sound quality was lost. A certain amount of fullness and richness disappeared. With a FLAC file, the sound is lossless. It’s very fast to transfer and it can be used on many computer formats. We will never go back to 2 inch analogue tape, but we can certainly share great sound around the globe with the right internet technology and studio hardware. In fact, the ultimate music fan would probably enjoy FLAC files on his home audio system.