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Godaddy Coupon Codes – How to Use Them Properly

“godaddy coupon codes” is one of the popular search term for domain traders and if you are a domain trader then you should know what exactly they are and how to use them properly. If you search in google, you can see that a lot of websites are providing godaddy promo codes and there are hundreds of coupon codes out there but which one to use and which one will give you maximum discount? Here in this article you can get some useful tips.

Godaddy Coupon codes can be used to registering a new domain or renewing a domain and there are different godaddy  coupon codes for them so if you found a code for registering a domain name then that code may not work for renewing so you need to check if that works for both or not.

Most people go for .com , .net  ,.biz and.org and using discount codes one can register or renew them for as low as $7.49. So if you think that you are paying more than this then you need to find the code which will give you domain for $7.49.But this code does not include private registration .Godaddy charges $9.99 for private registration but if you use proper coupon code then you can get a domain with private registration for as low as $8.11.But those coupons are very rare. However if you buy 5 or more domains, you can get private registration for free. but what if you don’t want to buy 5 domains? It’s easy. Godaddy charges $1.99 for.info domains so if you want to buy 3 domains then buy 2 more.info domains and you will get free private registration for all of them. Later you can sell or throw those.info domains.

If you want to register / renew few domains and have different tlds then you should not renew /register them at a time. You cannot get maximum discount if you purchase them in one single order. Godaddy Promo codes are specific for certain tlds. So if you use a godaddy promo code for.com domain, you will not get discount for.net domains. So you just need to group them as per their tld and purchase them. This way you can get maximum discount.

Almost every month a special godaddy  coupon code is announced and you can register or transfer a domain name for $1.18 or $1.67.But you cannot use them for renew or multiyear registration. You also need a credit card to use these coupons and only one domain is limited per account.