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How To Bump Your Listing

Have you ever been strolling the web directory looking for a show to see on a Friday night? Have you ever come across one where the blurb looked relatively attractive and the price seemed right in your range? Have you ever looked down below to see what the other people are saying and all you see are glowing reviews? This alone probably gave you all the motivation you needed to go check this show out. If you have ever done this then don’t be surprised if most of the people reviewing the show four or five different times. There is no way of being sure but in the online web listing community there is something called “bumping” and it is giving smaller businesses and shows an edge when it comes to those scouring the internet looking for something to do or someone to see.

Here is how bumping works. Lets say you get a listing for a show you are in. You will type up the blurb and send it out. Then you will get that blurb listing and wait until after the first night and then go on and create a user account to review the show. Most places make it really easy for you to review. Often times you don’t even need to sign up.

Once you review it you then wait a day and go back and review it again. Wait a couple of days then do it again. This is really important that you don’t write the same thing everytime because you want each review to look authentic. Be sure that you are being positive but not too positive. Don’t clutter up the page with a glowing review. Something simple but nice will do. And occasionally throw in a lukewarm review. Not everyone can be a fan.