Internet Libraries Are As Fun To Browse As the Real Thing

Anyone who loves to read has spent a day puttering around the stacks of the local library. It’s something of an adventure to explore the different sections and shelves, and to pick up a book and start to read because something in the title or cover art caught your attention. If you know where to find them, internet libraries are just as fun to browse as the real thing.

When the Web was new, people spent hours surfing the various websites and and articles available there. Without leaving the comfort of their homes, they were doing their own brand of puttering through the stacks. The information age was born. Unfortunately, the information people were getting from the Internet didn’t always have the credibility that the nearest university or public library could give. It was for good reason. Much of the information was inaccurate, and this led to a certain amount of cynicism among the genuine information seekers.

There are a number of very reliable internet libraries that offer a large variety of fiction, non-fiction, research material and multi-media files for loan. One of the most fun websites of this kind is the Internet Archive. When you enter the site, there is that moment of breathlessness as you decide which virtual stack to explore first. As you find your way, you’ll end up at the New York Public Library or The University of Chicago, and suddenly that lazy day at the local book depository becomes a globetrotting adventure around the world. Whether it’s Gulliver’s Travels or the latest government publication, the avid reader will be deeply satisfied.