How To Conduct Reliable Research on the Internet

As concerns about the quality of education continue to rise in the United States, both teachers and parents are scrambling for effective, yet economical ways to get kids the best education possible. As the Internet has taken over as the primary source for research, there is plenty of concern about which information is valid and which information is not.  In order to conduct reliable research on the Internet, parents, teachers and students may need a few pointers.

There are, indeed, some very reliable research resources on the Web. Although the Dewey Decimal system is obsolete, the libraries in the nation are not. Easily, the most valid starting point for any serious student is ipl2. This website is the portal to the public libraries of the nation.  It is easily divided into information for kids, teens, and adults. There are periodicals available, special collections, and resources by subject. If the accuracy of the subject matter is of concern, this is the place to start. Every student and teacher should bookmark this website. Of course, we all get off track and find interesting tidbits while conduction research, so also bookmark Refdesk. It is a collection of dictionaries, encyclopedias, calculators and atlases. Information can be verified here.

If learning to conduct research is part of the challenge, send the kids to Information Literacy. The University of Idaho developed this website as a research guide and primer. Whether kids are home schooled or are attending a classroom, they can continue to receive a high quality education if they are directed to the right websites on the Internet.