The Credibility of What You Write

There is a warning to the bloggers of the world that what you do matters more than what you think. For as far reaching as the Internet may be, there is reason to understand that what you say reaches far more than you ever thought it could. These days many people believe that the things they put out in cyberspace don’t get picked up or they don’t get taken seriously. After all, who’d believe a blogger? But the truth of the matter is that everyone is watching and everyone has something to say and everyone is absorbing what they read online.

Let’s say you work for a sports cite and you are just writing articles for free and fun, then you might be thinking that no one is looking, but the truth of the matter is there are outlets all over the world who are looking at what you do and could be using it for referencing the news. It’s more serious than you think.

So what that means is that no matter what you are doing you should make sure that you are writing things that you not only believe, but that you can back up with as many facts as humanly possible. That’s the point here. The point is not to be so much entertaining, but to be right at the expense of taking a little extra time to do what is right.

If you are thinking that no one is watching or no one is listening, search your name and see if that is the case, but the truth is that if anyone is reading your stuff they might be looking at it deeper than that. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that no one would take you seriously. The lines are blurred these days and that means that you are to be counted on to be credible. Don’t waste a second being foolish about what you print. It means a lot more than you would ever think.